Great I Am accepts returns and exchanges within a maximum of 15 days starting from the delivery date, as long as the items haven’t been used, aren’t customized, still have the original tag, are in perfect selling conditions and in the original package.

We don’t accept returns neither exchanges of personal items (such as underwear) with damaged packaging (the packaging must be intact) or masks..
Returns and exchanges can be made at the store, sent to our head office by mail or have collected at your place through appointment. Transportation fees for returns and exchanges are to be paid by the client. In case of returns, we only repay you the amount referring to the order, not the shipping fees.

The client must keep the shipping proof since the item is their responsibility until it arrives at our warehouses. We cannot be held responsible for lost or delayed items when in the way to our warehouses after being sent by clients.

In order to request an Exchange or a Return, please fill the following form:

To make an exchange or return, we have two methods available:

1st METHOD: Collection or delivery by NACEX services. (Valid only for Continental Portugal):
- If you would like an exchange:
We will proceed to send the articles or sizes intended, requesting the carrier nacex to collect the items to be returned. The values of the difference will be calculated along with the shipping costs. In this case a direct exchange, has the cost of 8.40 € (4.20 € of shipping and 4.20 € of collection) being necessary and mandatory the prepayment of the value.

- If you want a return:
We ask nacex to collect the article at the indicated address, after receiving the article and validating it, we will proceed to return the value of the article (s) by subtracting 4.20 € (cost of the collection). In order to make a return, it is necessary that you indicate your IBAN to us to transfer the amount to be refunded.


2nd METHOD: Return of articles by the customer. (Valid for mainland Portugal, Islands and abroad):
- If you want an exchange:
Upon receipt of your order we will proceed to send the requested articles, the values of the difference will be calculated together with the shipping costs of 4.20 €, being necessary the prepayment of the value.

- If you want a return:
The customer must send the article through the service / carrier you want: (must arrive within 30 days from the date of receipt).
In order to make a return, it is necessary that you indicate your IBAN to us to transfer the amount to be refunded.

IBAN: GLORIOUS INFLUENCE LDA PT50 0269 0325 00201783619 86
(After any bank transfer you must always send a photo of the proof for validation)

ADDRESS: GREAT I AM - Avenida Comendador Ferreira de Matos Nº525, 4450-125, Matosinhos. You must write in the package your email with which you contacted us or invoice number or order number. You should always send your registered order, so in case of loss the carrier is responsible for the order.



I've sent my form. What should I do now?

Sit back and relax. We have received and we’ll work on it as soon as possible.

You’ll receive our reply on your email.

How long does it take to have an answer?

If your request is made during the week (Monday to Friday) we will answer you as soon as possible.
The response time may vary, but we usually respond on the same day.

How long does it take to complete the exchange?

This depends on a lot of factors.

We’ve done exchanges on 24h and others on 72h.

Make sure you’ve checked the item you want is still in stock.